QuickSmith 4.5

Simulates and designs various linear circuits
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Create and modify design projects containing linear circuits based on the Smith Char architecture. The dedicated environment supports automated calculations and simulates Graphical RF designs. A selection of manual editing tools is available for all projects.

QuickSmith is a Smith Chart based linear circuit simulation program for Microsoft Windows. QuickSmith was designed to perform a rapid and efficient Smith Chart calculation. It uses the advantage of Windows environment to provide friendlier way to simulate Graphical RF designs.

Main Features :
- Ladder network, elements are loaded using drag drop method.
- Open and Save functions for schematic files
- Impedance matching
- Frequency/component sweep
- Load impedance interpolation/extrapolation for frequency dependent loads
- Q factors taken into account for network components
- Amplifier design/analysis using gain/noise circles
- Insertion loss and S21 graphs
- Transmission line parameter calculations
- Constant Conductance, VSWR and Q circles
- Import and Export of data files
- Help files with solved examples of network matching and amplifier design

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